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Vertical Circling Hands

Vertical Circles are one of the three planes we work with in Tai Chi and Qigong

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Vertical Circling Hands

Vertical Circles are one of the three planes we work with in Tai Chi and Qigong

Vertical Circles with step and shift

Vertical Circles with expansion into step and shift, engaging core and opening the energy pathways further.

Coronal Circling Hands

Coronal Circles are the second of the 3 planes we work with in Tai Chi and Qigong

Coronal Circles with turning and shifting

Expansion of corona circles into core work, shifting and turning

Horizontal Circling Hands

Horizontal circles are the final of the three planes we work with in Tai Chi and Qigong

Horizontal circles with shifting and turning

Expansion of horizontal circles to include core work, shifting and turning

Intro to cloud hands

Introducing the shifting and turning of cloud hands using single hands on each side.

Two hand Cloud hands with shifting and turning

Using both hands we introduce turning and shifting along with timing of both hands in the form.

single hand pushing clouds

similar but very different from cloud hands, pushing clouds is another moving meditation form. This video introduces the movements in single hand format.

Pushing Mountains

Pushing mountains works on folding and unfolding of the elbows, shoulders, hips and knees.

Softening and using joints and energy to open and close vs muscular push and pull.

Pushing Mountain with step and shift

Pushing mountains with step and shift mixes the elements of folding, opening and closing with the timing of stepping and shifting. Engaging the core for strength and stability.

Lots of concentration and coordination in this one.

Lady Plays the Lute

Lady Plays the lute (plays the guitar) is another classic Tai Chi movement.

What is different here is that it is mostly a static form movement.

Again, it looks very simple, and in is concept, yet it works on the entire body structure, incorporating leg and core strength, alignment,concentration and focus.

The better you get at feeling this position, the better you get at relaxing and feeling your alignment as your joints relax and open and your muscles ease relax into the pose.

Lady plays the lute w/ zen fingers

Lady plays the lute with Zen fingers is a moving meditation, and good movement for focus, strength building and connecting to the ground while learning to relax and align your body from head to toe.